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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 2, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> developing news in the south bay, minor earthquakes rattled gilroy this morning. the first earthquake hit at 1:35 and measured 2.5 according to the geological survey. a second larger earthquake hit at 2:05 a 3.7 earthquake and they are separate earthquakes with slightly different epicenters with no reports of damage. >> police are trying to find the person who shot and killed a man after he arranged to sell an electronic gaming system. nick is in san francisco with the latest. >> we are at the hall of justice san francisco police are looking for someone who shot and killed a man over an electronic gaming system. san francisco police say the victim was found yesterday afternoon shot several times inside his car near bay shore
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boulevard. he arranged to sell his video game system. during a face to face meeting a few blocks at the would be buyer shot him several times and took after with the gaming console. the victim died at san francisco general hospital. police remind everyone to be very careful about where you arrange to meet potential buyers. >> meet in an area the chance of this type of occurring is less likely to occur in a busy public place. we always suggest a police station lobby in san francisco because they are open 24/7 and there are always officers. >> san francisco officer is asking anyone with information call san francisco police with tips and they are checking to see if surveillance video system could be able to help them identify a upon suspect.
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>> oakland police are investigating the city's 84th homicide of the year. police say an oakland man in his 20's was shot and killed near intersection 580 before 10:00 last night. according to the investigators the victim was in front of a home and he was hit in the hold. he died at seen. our media party reports that the shooter drove away in a green car. there have been no arrests. >> 2-year-old boy who nearly drowned in a pond could make a full recovery after being underwater for ten minutes. the toddler would have died if not for the courageous responsibility firefighters. we hockey with the boy's rescuers. >> we rescued a child and it hit home and made we feel very grateful for my friends and family. >> saturday afternoon, the fire department paramedic jumped into this creek looking for a two-year old boy who fell in. she was up to her neck in nasty pond scum and time was running out because the child had been
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underwater for ten minutes. >> i realized he was sucked into the area under the road and i could barely see the white t-shirt and was able to grab him and lift him up to ward. >> ward is jason war helping to pinpoint the child from the creek. >> she located the victim, the little child and we performed medical procedures. >> this was next to six flags. the elderly foster gram mother was fishing and he fished in. she usually tied his waist but did not do it. the bystanders saw her and she screamed and another friend who mad the car went to get her phone so she could dial 9-1-1 and the bystander jumped in. >> great outcome. this child is going to be doing
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well. that always were whats your heart because these do not always work out. >> the child could make a full recovery. >> oakland teen sasha fleischman is headed back-to-school this morning 3 1/2 weeks after an attack that left the teen with severe leg burns. sasha fleischman identifies as neither male or female was asleep riding an action transit bus and another teen set his skirt on fire. the 18-year-old was released from the hospital in time to celebrate thanksgiving at home. the straight amount student is looking forward to getting back to work as editor of the school magazine. the boy accused setting the boy, a 16-year-old richard thomas is charged as an adult but sash saab says he should be charged as a juvenile. >> the school board will hold a spell meeting about bullying after this fight last month involving a transgender student at hercules high school. the student who identifies as a
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girl fought with three other girls on november 13th accused of bullying. the fight is being reviewed by the district attorney. >> developing news, commuters to new york city are wanted to expect crowded and delayed trains. federal authorities are investigating the cause of a deadly train derailment. four people were killed and 60 injured when a commuter train went off the tracks in the bronx. there are reports the train may have been speeding and claims the conductor tried to hit the brakes but they failed. the black boxes have been recovered and they may reveal what happened. our reporter is at crash site with an update in the negligence half hour. >> investigators will be back at the apartment building fire in belmont that break identity inside a stairwell at the timber lane farms on continental way last night. fire crews called for additional help but they didn't need it
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because they had the flames out within minutes. off duty firefighter is credited with helping save the lives of four people in this burning car. a restored 1979 volkswagen bug purports into flames on the 580 connection to eastbound 24 yesterday morning. the firefighter pulled a woman and three children in the vehicle to safety. though were not injured. >> a controversial landed parenthood clinic will open today in san mateo in north fair oaks at the site of a former restaurant. neighbors have been circulating a petition against the clinic saying it will negatively impact businesses and property values. planned parenthood says the clinic office primary health care and medical abortions. difficult leaders are concerned about potential protests. >> california lawmakers are starting the week with a pay raise. they are getting a 5.3 percent salary increase approved by the panel in june. the salaries of the legislature will go from $90,000 a year to
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$95,000 a year. the governor's pay goes from $165,000 to $174,000 a year, a dozen legislatureors will not take that because they just increased taxes. >> retailers expect a big day as shoppers are in search of deals on cyber monday the single biggest shopping day of the year for onlive retailers. consumers spent $1.5 billion online last year which is expected to climb higher this year. experts say the best deals can be found today on smartphones, gaming consoles, clothing and shoes and if you are wondering why nothing is getting done at work today, 90 percent of working americans plan to shop for gifts online while her to at work today. 90 percent. people who deny this, have to understand that 90 percent are doing it. 10 percent are lying, right?
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>> that is right. >> i will take your word for hit. >> good morning, everyone, we have heavy fog along the coast and it is coming into san francisco down the peninsula, as well, and we had a report of someone driving across the golden gate bridge and they pass the tunnel headed in the northbound direction not existent. we have 1.25 mile visibility at half moon bay and 1.75 mile visibility in santa rosa. ten miles for the prosecute of the bay area. the cold front is coming from the pacific northwest where they are expensing 10- to 20-degree drop in temperatures from yesterday, just 24 hours ago through washington and oregon. the cold front comes into san francisco over northern california the next couple of days. by tonight that is where we will expense the chilly temperatures and, also, gusts that come in monday into tuesday and tuesday
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through thursday are the coolest temperatures. our day planner the next 12 hours, we going to wake up to cooler temperatures in the bay area so dress warmly. by noon, it will ramp up and we will be warmer than we were yesterday. the cold comes right back in the evening hours with the full seven-day forecast in a moment. we have problems on the roads and one is in daly city traveling along 280 if you are headed along in the northbound direction this started out as a stall but it turned and an accident and we do see a little bit of slowing coming and going and c.h.p. is headed to the scene. mass transit shows everything on time with no delays. we are become to normal. it will be the san mateo headed to the peninsula with the tail lights headed west and you can see how clear it is so good drive conditions and noent -- no
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accidents to report. >> next, remembering a hollywood star lost in a tragic accident, the tribute bay area residents are paying to "fast and furious" reactor paul walker. >> new law if people honey -- new law for people aimed at enforcing the loment. >> new technology amazon
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covering daly city, dublin/pleasanton, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, a look at the bay bridge and looking pretty mice this morning so cool temperatures and fog out there. leyla gulen has the forecast ahead. authorities say it will be self more days before they know how fast the vehicle carrying actor paul walker was going when it crashed and burned. investigators say speed was definitely a factor in the collision that killed the
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40-year-old walker and a friend. the porsche hit a light pole and exploded in a fireball in the los angeles county community. passerbys tried to pull the men from the vehicle but the flames were too intense he was a star of "fast and furious" movie franchise. fans have been leaving candles at the scene. >> in the bay area, candles burned to honor his memory in milpitas. a car club organized a vigil at a shopping center in milpitas with 100 attending. >> we are learning an 85-year old palo alto hold in north korea trained in anticommunist guerilla unit in the korean war. this photo shows him posing with members of that unit. north korea released this video of him on friday night, allegedly apologizing for helping the guerilla. people believe he may have been detained while trying to help members of the fop unit get their families out of north korea. the north koreans were likely aware of his role in the war.
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authorities say the north koreans believe they are still at war with south korea and may consider him a prisoner of war. >> vice president biden is in asia right now planning to visit the zone between north korea and south korea where the detention will come up and attend a tribute on saturday to americans killed during the korean war part of a week-long mission including talks with the leader of south korea, china and japan. >> in january, a new state law will protect mountain lions if they pose no immediate threat to people. we talk with crews about the controversial shooting of two cubs last year by the state game warden. >> richard will not forget the day a year ago when two mountain lion cubs wondered into his neighbor and were shot and killed by wardens would thought they posed a threat. >> it didn't seem it was
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necessary to kill them. we need to do everything we can to protect these animals. >> there are opportunities and options now not available last year. >> the state senator says the killings of the countries sparked so much public outrage that it prompted him to propose legislation requiring game wardens to use fault lethal alternatives unless they pose a threat. it takes affect january 1 but is being used by game wardens. >> it has worked in san jose and santa cruz and los angeles where they have already relocated mountain lions that would have been killed otherwise. >> many gathered in half moon bay to celebrate the victory. the any law means more collaboration with wildlife groups is as the mountain lion foundation. >> we still in a stay that has lions and that is exciting and a lot of people who feel the same way and they want to help coup the cats around.
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>> spokesman tells abc we are trying to find middle ground to relocate animals where they do not bother other residents. we the sightings are common in san mateo and many hope this means they will continue to see more of the big cats from a safe distance. >> amazon is looking toward the skies for a new way do deliver your goods to you faster than ever, the company is testing delivery packages using drones, provided by am citizen showing how it works. they would pick up packages at warehouse and deliver to customers within a ten mile area. it does not work with packages that are too lamb such as a kayak. >> you order the kayaks... >> we talked with that for taco bell that it was a joke and it
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wasn't, but technology could be...we could see i soon. >> there is fog in the sky. so, hopefully it will get through the fog. that is what we are waking up to coming in from the north bay as it pushes in the south of us, moving along the coast. it will burn off by later this morning. live doppler 7 hd not bringing back any precipitation runs. as we look from our camera you can see the finger of fog is pushing its way across san francisco. rest of us is clear and you can see the lights are shining brightly. we have a cold front over the pacific northwest visiting washington and oregon and making its way into northern california. that is going to bring in the cooler temperature, the significant temperature drop is in evidence overnight and into the next couple of days. the cold blast of air is mostly
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dry but we will experience rain with possible showers in the central valley, more in the east section. the highs today are warmer than yesterday at 64 degrees in santa cruz and 66 in los gatos and 66 in san jose and along the peninsula, 64 degrees and 58 in pacifica. in san francisco, 62 degrees is the high. in the north bay, dress for 62 degrees in petaluma and 64 in santa rosa, and moving to sonoma and napa, 64 and 65 respectively. in the east bay, 63 degrees in berkeley and warmer in castro valley at 64 degrees and we will see the highest temperatures at 67 in livermore and 65 in fairfield. overnight, experience increasing cloud cover and chilly temperatures in the north bay at 42 in napa and inland 46 in
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antioch. warmer today with a chance of increasing clouds tonight and moisture coming into the bay area for the next couple of days before we start to cool down by thursday and the temperatures will start to ramp up friday into next weekend. the roads show a problem with a crash in daly city that started off as austral and this is northbound which now has cleared. as you maybe the drive toward san francisco all moving along at top speed. dry five traffic 580 from tracy to dublin is 27 minutes and highway 4 from antioch to concord is 15 minutes and 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco 17 minutes but watch out for the fog if you are headed over the golden gate bridge, when you pass the tunnel it is thick so use the low peoples. here is san jose, 280, away from 17, nice and clear and no accidents to report. everyone is back to work.
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>> in south china a truck loaded with eight tons of fireworks caught fire after a traffic accident this weekend. the ensuing fire burned for five hours while people in surrounding areas were evacuated. no one was hurt. the massive fire works explosions terrified those living nearby. the truck was proposal overloaded and may have hit power lanes sparking the fire. >> energy drinks could give you wings but what did they do to your heart? the results of a study you may want to hear. >> the meet that could determine the future of dozens who call treasure island home. >> the thief that made off with
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this holiday season, we invite you to help us feed the
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bay area visiting the facebook page on abc and take the pledge "give where you live." we will donate a dollar in your honor to the bay area speeding america food bank up to $75,000. everyone who takes the pledge will be entered to win $7,000. the winner is announced december 19, so join us, and give where you live. >> two dozen families living on yerba buena island will learn more about the navy's removal of toxic chemicals in the ground below their homes. 24 rental units have when doled they may have to relocate while the navy cleans up the area. the chemicals are from the naval base on the island saying it is still safe to live there because the low level chemicals are buried and not accessible but the clean up project is not related to radiation measurements taken a few blocks away. >> a new warning if you consume lots of energy drinks, german researchers imaged the hearts of 18 healthy young abilities
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before and an hour after downing an energy drink. they found energy drinks cause the hearts to squeeze harder but there was no change in heart rate or blood pressure. bigger studies are needed to further study health effects of the ingredients and caffeine. >> the original energy drink, coffee, gets leyla gulen going in the morning. >> why know what i would do without it. good morning, everyone. from the east bay hills camera toward san francisco and the bay bridge, you can see how we have this mass of low clouds and fog coming in over the bay area so that is what we are expensing for the drive. you want to be careful when you head owe. we have the fog in place, a warm-up, though, comes later today in the afternoon. we are going to see upwards of almost 70's degrees inland around the bay and 58 along the coast and this is something that you have to enjoy while it lasts because later tomorrow that is when the freezing temperatures are visiting the bay area and
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certainly into the next few days, three to four consecutive days. we will talk about the roads and see how traffic is moving along and back to work after the thanksgiving holiday, we did have an early accident that cleared in daly city, so that is the good news at 280. in oakland we have a debris southbound along 880 at 10th, is not appearing to slow traffic the down. everyone is minding their manners and all is moving at top speeds on 580. the drive time traffic shows 580 from tracy to castro valley at 38 minutes. you are at top somebodies. 101 northbound from highway 85 to the san jose airport is 11 minutes and 280 through daly city to san francisco is nine minutes. here is the bay bridge toll plaza, can you recognize it?
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you can hardly see it because of the fog. use the low peoples into san francisco. that is going to be the story along the north bay. >> we will take your word for it. it is 4:56. today on the peninsula a community meeting is underway to discuss the futures of the city's zoning process. our media partner, the san jose mercury news, reports that a controversial type of zoning known as planned community will take center stage when palo alto city council meets at 6:00 p.m. right now the zoning process allows developers to build bigger projects in exchange if public benefits. some residents worry abutted traffic problems. last month, the voters rejected measure continues that would allow the city to rezone an orchard for housing developments with low income units. >> fast food workers will walk
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an hour. service employees union is leading the effort. fast food chains say mostly these are for people under age 25. >> in australia, a camera has been found and a culprit who stole it and you have to see to blow it. this is rangeers saw when they much withed the recording. the camera that was set up to watch the crack -- crocodiles was stolen by...a bird. the sea bird carried it for 20 miles and then dropped it. the bird pecked at it and posing for a selfie. >> next at 5:00 a.m., the oakland teen set on fire on board an a.c. transit bus starts
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to move on from the tragedy.
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to get 10x more protection... and kill 99.9% of germs around the house. this season, help protect your family with lysol. start healthing live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is monday after thanksgiving hope you had a great time. thanks for joining us. >> back to work this morning. we are going to check with leyla gulen who is also working this morning and doing double notice.


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